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ENSO LSEE (Live Sound Experience Enhancer Processor)


What is it? "Sound Experience Enhancer" is a new concept of processor to enhance the listening experience of the audience at concerts and musical events. The “Sound Experience Enhancer” manages to create an intense immersive experience, a full and deep surround sound, where the melodies and all the details of the music take on much more life and the rhythms forcefulness and movement, a pure and powerful sound.

A new exclusive music experience that represents the world's first processor of its kind.


This processor has been created by Xergio Cordoba and made by Waves Audio. ENSO is an international project from Spain, Sweden and Israel and includes several patents, a new type of limiter based on psychoacoustics, multiple processes to enhance music including dynamics, pitch, and harmonization stages, in addition to the improved addiction of the system. Mas'nlive for low frequency control and loudness enhancement.

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