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Established in Madrid in 2009. A room designed on the philosophy of exclusive dedication to mastering. Since our beginnings, we have performed mastering for countless artists on the world scene.


To achieve the best sound we use a careful environment, and the best tools on the market, combining digital and analog hardware State of Art; Unique techniques and processes that set us apart in the industry.


We are in a constant desire for innovation and search for the best final sound, which allows us to develop a seal of quality and passion backed by our own patent and several through registration process, which positions us as one of the most active estudios in Spain; something that gives us the privileged opportunity to take your music to the highest level.



Eternal Midnight has an acoustically controlled environment, 2.1 monitoring system to ensure the widest frequency response, a wide variety of State-of-Ar equipment to always have the best option in each project, also the best ADDA conversion and possible connections, to ensure that nothing is lost in the process. An ideal place to listen to your mixes and plan the best processes to follow during the mastering session. Nothing is left to chance.


The soul of Eternal Midnight signs each mastering with passion and absolute dedication, maintaining empathy and communication with the producer, which allows us to adapt to each musical style, implementing the most purist and / or creative techniques, with high attention to detail, ingredients. that allow us to guarantee the best sound.

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